6ix9ine - TUTU


'Cause you can't bop like this (Uh, uh)
Everybody want my swag, everybody want my drip (Uh, uh)
Had to tell 'em, "Back-back," tell 'em get off my dick (Uh, uh)
Watch me do the money-dance, watch me hit my skip (Uh, uh)
Bet you can't do it like this, no, you can't do it like this

I get money when I want to
I get bitches when I want to (Uhh-uh)
Tote this pistol when I want to (Uhh-uh)
Money dance step, hit the one-two (Uhh-uh)
Oh you paid? Well, bitch, I'm paid too (Uhh-uh)
Don't talk to me, I talk to you (Uhh-uh)
If it's fuck me, then it's fuck you (Uhh-uh)
Yeah, it's middle finger, fuck you (Uhh-uh, uh)

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