Headie One feat. Burna Boy - Siberia


The bando it look like Sibera
The cats pree my face it's familiar
I had my shank in the school cafeteria
Them just talk on the field they're like Lineker
Jakes wanna deal with me like Johnny Dillinger Dillinger
They've love to make me prisoner
I was in prison bro use to visit me, now they got bro and they say I'm the visitor

The come up was needles and cylinders
Feltham was bittern and kingfisher
Didn't do well in my literature
Now it's just Fire In The Booth, no fire extinguisher

Fuck the Prime Minister
The system sinister
Load up this Nina this one got a Whistler
No cap in rap no this story ain't fictional
Opps get... it's just principle

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