LogicYBN Cordae - Mama

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I got the juice, coming for you and I'm bringing the noose
Leaving 'em hanging, my **** banging
Second that I came in the game, I'm aiming
Hold up, wait a minute, break it down for the laymen
(Do do do do do do)
I'm killin' everybody, I'm the MC that the MC's study
Look up to me, little buddy (do it like me, little buddy)
Save yo money, don't think about a Beamer
'Til ya sellin' out arenas, and you're ballin' like a
Ballin' ballin' ballin' ballin'
Everybody wonder what it be like
Now it what it seem like, now it what it dream like
Go like green light, somethin' what a fiend like
Do it for the drug and we do it for the love
And we do it for the high that we get, when we ride in the whip
And somebody pull up on you and they vibevibevibing your ****
Mama (Yeah, uh), look at me now