Meek Mill - Blue notes

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Was it the money that made me a savage?
Poppin' them percs and I made it a habit
Totin' them pictures and serving them addicts
That was exciting to me
I'm so excited to be
Started with nothin' we had to inspire to be
Niggas ain't flyer than me
I'm getting to it
Feel like the man, I got the plan
I call the shooters, they hop out the van
Play with the squad, get popped like a Xan
Pop like a Perc, I'm goin' ham
I'm goin' crazy on niggas, too wavy for niggas
Do magic like alakazam
I'm in the kitchen compressin' a birdie
Take out a nine and I sell it for thirty
Then straight to the jeweler, I'm bustin a Rollie
To light up the city like Meechie 03
I got the plug, he send him up T
Don't know these niggas, these niggas know me
Even though niggas they call me OG
Young nigga but I put it down
We was on it when it wasn't 'round
All of sudden niggas wanna come around
Stay over there my G