Nessa Barrett - girl in new york


Исполнитель: Несса Барретт
Дата выпуска: 2023 г.
Альбом: girl in new york
Текст песни
I know there's always temptation
Guess I'm a little more patient
Baby, I've been on my best behavior
F*ck you for makin' me crazy
While you buy her drinks out on 8th Street
Sweet little you showin' her such a good time
You easily forget about me
Ridin' in a yellow taxi
Back to your hotel, and she's comin' with you
You said I was yours
Maybe just on the West Coast
'Cause as soon as you left home
You got wanderin' eyes
So I guess you lied
When you said I was special
You're not as smart as you think you are
Baby, I know about the girl in New York