Sugar Jesus, Leøn Tarø & Nina Carr - Deja Vu (No No Never)


Исполнители: Леон Тарё, Sugar Jesus, Нина Карр
Дата выпуска: 2021 г.
Альбом: Deja Vu (No No Never)
Текст песни:
Same ol', same ol'
Don't know how the story goes
I'm stuck on repeat
Bet you think it's easy, calling whenever you wanted now
I'm done listening
You still mess with my mind (with my mind, yeah)
We'd be search, analyze but not this time
(No, no never, never) you say I
(Treat you better, better)
So whatever, ever
I'm all out of déjà vu
Never going back to you
I'm all out of déjà vu