Vini Vici x Terra x Sandhog - Gyoza


Vini Vici, Terra & Sandhog have teamed up to bring a brand-new track, 'Gyoza', to the mighty Alteza Records. The track steps out of the norm of dance music and incorporates elements from ancient sounds of the Eastern Hemisphere. This includes strings, vocals, pipes, and percussion, which combine perfectly with heavy-hitting psytrance sounds. With these soft elements coming from Sandhog’s 2020 version of 'Gyoza', the trio has paired the contrasting styles perfectly, with soft synths stabbing between traditional flute and strings, with rolls of percussion alongside build-ups of trippy trance elements. The track tops off with a hypnotic vocal loop that dives in and out of FX, giving the track an overall otherworldly feel.

Taking the lead on 'Gyoza' are the mighty Vini Vici, a renowned duo in the international dance scene, who boast a wealth of accomplishments and recognition. Their achievements speak volumes: from being the first-ever psytrance act to grace the main stages of Tomorrowland and ULTRA Music Festival to securing the 34th spot on the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 list.

Joining forces with the duo is TERRA, hailing from Jerusalem, Israel. His journey into electronic music began early, and he officially adopted the TERRA alias in 2017. Known for his distinctive blend of psychedelic, digital, and ethnic elements, TERRA swiftly gained prominence in the music scene, performing shows at the likes of Indian Spirit Festival and PsyFly Festival.

Released by:
Alteza Records
Release date:
19 April 2024