Zirogona - Vacuum (neuro)

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Стихотворение на релакс, расслабление, мягкий будильник, звонок, медитацию

Walk around the world
Or stay,
Or stand in the middle of the road,
Change places with Death?
After all, there were years ahead...

Empty essence - empty nights,
Tautological life.
As if the words stuck lines,
And all ideas are utopian.

Everything is as if deliberately sewn,
Like a veil of black stuff.
Everything seems to be intact, but broken.
Everyone seems to be here, not with you.

You only have a lot of gold cargo with you,
But why would a recumbent person need a backpack,
Yes, and a blind person need a TV,
And the deceased ammonia?

No one knows the meaning of this,
No one has understood until now.
What is emptiness and what are others,
They can't fight back...